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Tuesday Afternoon Classes – Beginners


Course length: 11 week term

Time: 1.30pm - 4.00pm

Focus: Traditional skills making functional ceramics on the potter's wheel

Suitable for: Beginners / Intermediates

On the wheel pottery sessions course for beginners who want to spend time focusing on traditional throwing skills to make functional ceramics on the potter’s wheel. You will learn to centre the clay and manipulate it into shapes. Learn and practice the basic moves and decorating techniques, glaze your finished your pieces so you can fill your home with ceramics you have made yourself to your own design. New starters accepted at the start of each 11 week term.

Mugs, Jugs, Bowls… who knows, you may end up with a dinner service, but probably not in your first term. If you are a complete beginner one term is just the start on a journey of discovery and muddy fun.

If you love it you can follow through and join up each term to practice and improve. Be warned this is not the easiest skill to master, it’s a challenge, you need focus, determination, and you need to be willing to get your hand dirty you just can’t avoid it. It is highly recommended that you attend for all class session but particularly the 1st week, there is a lot of information to take in and missing the first week does put you at a disadvantage keeping up.

There are three 11 week terms per year, each has a half term break, and there will be half term near the middle of the course. We will attempt to align these breaks with school half terms but it is not always possible. The course fee enrols you on course for ONE TERM.

The course fee includes use of facilities, tuition, tools, use of potter’s wheel per student and clay to learn and practice with, this learning clay is recycled. 
Finished pieces are fire and glazed, materials and kiln space is purchased at cost; paid for prior to kiln firing and calculated by the size and weight of clay, around 10 to 12 pieces each term.

A word of warning for the wise, long nails and high heel shoes are not recommended!…Bring your own apron its a messy business!!

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